Looking for some guns... (PS3)

Hello, fellow Vault Hunters, thank you for taking the time to read this.

I’m on the lookout for some guns that I really want. I spent this entire week to try to get them but It all ended in taking way too long or the gun was not at my level.

first one, The Hellfire. I’m not the kind of player who plays with The Bee shield, so it can be hard fro me to get some kills with a sim ple SMG, but with the Hellfire’s powerful incendiary damage, it’ll make my life a whole lot easier. lol. I managed to get one, but sadly, It wasn’t at my level. it was Lvl 36, which is oddly strange considering I was playing Playthrough 2.5 when I got it. I’d like a Lvl 50 one with Acuminous, Apt, or Impetuous Prefix on it

Number 2, Sledge’s Shotgun. I managed to get 2 of them in Playthrough 1 and 2 but now they’re kinda useless. one’s lvl 19 and the other is lvl 46. II’d like a Lvl 50 one with the Zapper Prefix on it.

Number 4, the Hornet. I love that gun. It’s so reliable when it comes to armored enemies and even when there aren’t any, I still kill easily with it. I was lucky enough to get one at the very beginning. Level 2 Hornet, but it became useless after a while. I’d like a Lvl 50 one with Close Quarters, Floaded, Heavy or Skirmish Prefix on it.

and lastly. a purple Rarity Jakobs Sniper Rifle. I admit, I love sniping in this game. It’s really fun. Especially with Gaige becasue of the Shock Storm Skill. When it comes to snipers, I have to go with Jakobs. they’re so powerful, right? but I can never find a good sniper in Playthrough 2.5. if possible, I’d like a Lvl 50 one with a Damage of somewhere between 29000 to 31000. it would also be nice if it had the Tumtum or Skookum prefix on it.

I don’t have much, But I’ll offer whatever I have…


Lvl 50 and a Lvl 34 Impaler Shield
Lvl 50 Transformer Shield
Lvl 47 and a Lvl 35 Bee Shield
Lvl 43 Black Hole Shield
Lvl 45 Baynanented Gub
Lvl 46 Sledge’s Shotgun
Lvl 25 Analytical Bitch
Lvl 36 Onslaught Veruc
Lvl 35 Barking Volcano

Lvl 50 Impetuous Good Touch
lvl 35 Desperate SWORDSPLOSION!!!
Lvl 50 Corrosive Stinkpot
Lvl 36 Lightning Bolt Grenade Mod
lvl 36 Fireball Grenade Mod.

My Online ID is Omega-Sama09 and I’ll be on today until 4:30 PM PST but I’ll be on all day on Thursday.

Thank you for the help in advance!