Looking for some ideas please

Recently I did Axton vs The Snowman from 51 to 72, Maya vs Gettle from 56 to 72 and I’m about to do Zero vs Bunker staring at 56. I also did Maya vs WEP LLMs from 62 to 72.

After this I will have to start a new character from scratch, but I’m looking at things to farm like the above, in uvhm. I was thinking about doing the Pirate dlc over & over to ‘farm’ pimpernels at different levels, but that seems extreme, and maybe I destroy my affair with Captain Scarlett…

So I’m looking for ideas like the above. Thanks in advance.

you could go with Sal against Savage Lee, maybe add Boll in the mix; for gunzerkers who like to use the Harold, that seems like a classic farm.

If you have the DLC for it you could do Gaige vs Captain, or Sparky Flynt. Be forewarned though, both of them are stingy bastards. I still haven’t gotten the TBF I’m looking for, and I’ve killing Sparky 500 times, minimum.

Badassasaurus Rex in the Mr Torgue- with Krieg and an explosive build each kill took about 3 minutes, which included looking at what loot dropped…

If you’re gonna farm for something useful, then I’d suggest the following:

Terramorphous for some nice HoT shields and perhaps a Ptchfork or two.
Hyperius to get Norfleets
Triple O for Twisters
Saturn to get a Hive

There are also some rare customizations to be farmed.

If you wanna farm for something useless and/or stupid, you can always go for Henry for a Cradle, or a “perfect” Dahlminator.

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You could try Lee, as suggested. Let’s you also pick Boll on route and you get additional data on how often you get a second Lee behind the station.

Pimon and Tumbaa for their drops and how often they appear but it might be boring to level up that way if you get a streak of no-show.

King Mong and Donkey Mong? Another possible double no-show, though. DM also does not drop anything specific but you could check how many world drops you get out of him.

Dexi or Master Gee! :stuck_out_tongue:

In my 1200~ recorded runs, I have seen him double spawn 192 times. (About 6.5% chance) I will keep working on it but I believe it will eventually with more runs come out to a 5%~ chance.

In a word, no :slight_smile:

Good ideas Ronnie.

My next character was going to be a Sal. That way I’ll have at least two of each. When I started with Sal about a year ago I played him largely solo, went to the bar brawl at 54, levelled up to 72, went to the peak, got to op8 with the help of some friends & haven’t touched him since.

So Sal vs Terramorphous it will be! I’ve never had a teeth of terra, so hopefully I’ll get one.

Thanks to everyone for the ideas. Cheers.

Best of luck to you!

Hey! I like the Dahlminator on Gaige- it’s a fire and forget way to kill armored foes from all the way across the arena in Hyperion Slaughter…

Aren’t they all on Gaige? :innocent:

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Oh dang, I’d completely forgotten about that gun. I’ve never seen it either. Just when I thought I was whittling down my list of “unseen” gear. Time for me to go a-farmin’!

Don’t forget Blood of Terra and Breath of Terra. They’re about as rare as it gets these days. It’s been years and years since I got one of those.