Looking for some items to tide me over a few levels (lvl 58 Mech)

Severely struggling with lvl 48-50 legendaries. Does anyone have anything my lvl or even a few plus versions of:


Sledge’s Shotgun*Shock

Bada Boom

Black Hole

and Longbow Quasar

I’m on right now at: oxXCloudXxo if not available, shoot me a pm and we can set up a time.

Thanks, I really appreciate and hope everyone has a happy holiday!

Don’t think I have any of those at level 57-58.

But dude, hit up the Golden Chest in Sanctuary at least! There were a bunch more codes just this week (see the stickied Keys post in the Borderlands 2: News section).

Also, don’t feel that you have to use legendaries - any decent shock weapon of green rarity or higher is going to get you through at least 1 level (more the higher the rarity).

I probably have some scattered about, but probably not what he’s looking for. Those in between levels (51 to 59) seem to be hard to come by for me and I do farm areas a lot when I get to them in the story just to try for gear between before proceeding on in the story