Looking for some low level players to play with on story mode

Battleborn gets kind of boring by myself and none of my friends have the game. Comment below or message me @ Lamar The Cool if you want to join me.

Same situation here. I am level 21 I think so not too high. If you want to play sometime, gamertag: wintersoldier12

I’m in the same boat! I’ll be on a little later tonight. (around 10 EDT)

I’m also looking for some people to practice PvP in some private matches, so I can get the hang of the whole thing, if anyone is interested!

Gamertag: wisemanthethird

CR Level 21, looking for co-op story on normal (still two missions to go). GT Alkymist96

I only get my days off to really commit but I will always be up for story… I’m still going for all gold rating and lore and can support group as any class type