Looking for some OP 8 gear for my Krieg + Friends

Looking for

OP 8 Corrosive and Shock Butcher OR Interfacer, either will do
OP 8 Chain Lightning (need this most)
OP 8 Consummate Hellfire
OP 8 Consummate Florentine
OP 8 Puissant Norfleet Fire and Shock
OP 8 Heartbreaker

I have lots of 72-OP8 gear to trade including norfleets and perfect shams. Not expecting anything for free, but Iā€™m not against it either :wink:

Psn is CheaterMcCheat

Also looking for friends to play with so even if you have none of this add me anyway.

I have all of this. PSN: Mini_Holmesy