Looking for some OP8 items with specific parts

Hi all I’m looking for the following OP8 items:

Sham (Highest Absorb chance)
Shock Puissant Norfleet (Tediore sight, Maliwan grip, Torgue exhaust)
Shock & Fire Practicable Interfacer (All Hyperion)
Hide of Terramorphous (Max stats)

I don’t have much to offer right now since I just got OP8, but I’m working on that.


i may have items you want, i have the nurse, storm front rough rider i think catalyst, well except the gunzerker class mod all op8. send a friend request when ready. i also have the op8 sham as well.

Thank you! Very much appreciated.

you are welcome anytime.

I have the sandhawk with dahl grip and stock.
I have the barking pimp all maliwan including scope.
I have the gunzerker COM and rough rider also with max stats.

If you still need the items, PSN: Mini_Holmesy