Looking for some PC platform level 72 handouts (Infinity variations, bee shield, sheriff's badge, Vladof snipers, slagga)


I wish I had something to offer in return, but alas, I do not.
I just don’t have the time to farm for these things anymore.
I am hoping someone will be willing to drop me off some of the following items:

Level 72 versions of all of these:
Fire Infinity
Shock Infinity
Acid Infinity
(Does such a thing as a Slag Infinity exist? Because that would be awesome)
Bee Shield (Not fussy about which elemental, mild preference for shock, wouldn’t complain about multiples)
Sheriff’s Badge Relic
Slagga SMG
Legendary Jakobs Sniper (Skookum Hawk Eye)
Legendary Vladof Fire Sniper (Lyuda?)
Legendary Vladof Slag Sniper (Lyuda?)
Legendary Vladof Acid Sniper (Lyuda?)
Legendary Vladof Shock Sniper (Lyuda?)

If you felt like dropping some Conference Calls or other, they’d be appreciated, but the above is the core loadout I’m looking for.

If there is some skin/head customization you’re looking for, perhaps I could arrange that?

Thank you for your time.

What platform?

Sorry! PC platform, Borderlands 2.