Looking for some people to play as peacekeepers to complete benedicts lore

Im trying to master benedict but one of his lores is impossible by yourself, So im looking for some people to play as peacekeepers to help me out. I will return the favor, as alot of characters’ lore requires playing with specific teammates. All that aside, im always down to party up with anyone.

My gamertag is Boom in the fac

I´ll move your call for help into the XBox1-section of the BB forums - I hope you´ll find a badass team!

who are peacekeepers? i can help out. gt: papito panda

Let me know if you still need this, I’m on usually around 10PM PDT

GT: Spitefoo

Seems like a good excuse to play Oscar Mike.

Upon his tiny legs he comes/ bringin ass-whoopings for all his enemies bums

GT: TheMadStacker

Looking for other people who need help with benedicts and boulders lore, please let me know

I am looking to complete the Benedict lore as well and can help do the Boulder one too if you need it. My gamertag is SlimReaperXL