Looking for some players to chill with

I’ve got a bit of a problem concerning the players. Quite simply, I’m bored and want to play with people.

I prefer someone who’s simply 72, and has a decent build. Medics, Grenade Axton, Gunzerker of Doon, etc. is all fine with me. Loot varies on what it is. Let me look first, but do know that I probably won’t care much.

My gamertag is BGKY 0wNAg3 (yes, stupid, I know, hush). I don’t have a mic (simply don’t talk much), and you don’t need one. I run a damage spec Maya, so do be warned there. Message me and I’ll try to get to you.

I’d prefer we play on your game (as truth be told, I don’t have a lot of the DLC missions unlocked). Otherwise, that’s it.

I prefer messaging on Xbox One, as I usually check there anyway. I guess you don’t have to, but do know if you message me here I may not see it.

I’m usually on from 4:00 PM or so Central Time to about 10:30 PM.

Have fun, party people.

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