Looking for some PS4 Battleborn Players!

Hey guys. I caught the tail end of the beta and preordered the Battleborn game. I’m really digging this game dudes. I usually stick with defenders (Boldur mostly) and I’m okay with getting the assist instead of the kill if it means we get that “w.” I guess I’m just looking for some peeps who I can sync with and tank for. Skill level doesn’t really matter, as I’m still getting used to the game myself. I have a mic and most importantly I just want to have some fun. Thanks guys!

Hey man what time location are you in :slight_smile: ? Im from the Uk

Im also from the UK looking for some players

If players to do advanced missions gt gtada2 message me…

My gt is gtada2 message me if you wanna do some advanced

My gt is gtada2 message me if you want to do some advanced story missions

USA bro. Central Time Zone.

You sir, are 6 hours ahead of me.

Add me up PSN-korupt987. Looking for some people to play with and have fun.

can do.

Looking for some more people that enjoy pvp to play battleborn with. Psn is unsham3d.

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anyone wanna do the campaign on advance? my ps tag is newguy-91

Hey :slight_smile: I’m looking for players for an advanced story play through too, PSN is CherryVile :wink:

I should also add; I’m from the UK too :blush:

Hi pyroclasm! I’ve set up a group on the100.io in hopes of finding some regular players to team up with, have some laughs and help me avoid rando hell. If you’re looking for a regular group for advanced story, lore challenges and PvP, please check it out and see if it works for you: invite link. Not sure of your time zone, but I’m shooting for evenings and weekends in North America. Hope to see ya in game!

I’m looking for the same exact thing! And I played the beta ,but have yet to find friend to play the game. Add me Teteb22

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Expect my add this evening!

My gf and I play casually too. Just want to come home relax and shoot the ■■■■. add me, my psn: The_Endwalker

Yo my psn if is chaoshunter221 hit me up if u wanna do advanced hardcore missions :slight_smile:

hey im from uk and miko healer dont care for kills just like to win :slight_smile: if anyone needs a healer add me

Psn Suicidal_decay