Looking for some steady play partners!

I’ve had borderlands 2 for quite a while, never really got into farming because I lack some friends to play it with.
I’m looking to do a new playthrough with a steady group, preffered with all the headhunters/dlc’s aswell. (however, you don’t need to own the mechro or psycho pack)
I’m from Belgium, GMT +1. I speak fluent English, Dutch and can understand German pretty well, but my German speech is very very poorly.

Steam : Cuayatl


I would like to play BL2 :slight_smile: I have all the DLC’s, but I don’t have all the headhunters.
I added you on steam if you want to play some.

Steam: NoisyMosquitoes

Id love to do a new playthrough with a group, I have all the main DLCs and the snowman headhunter, but not the other headhunters. sadly. But I can buy those if its really a problem. Im from the Netherlands so GMT+1 aswell :smile:

My steam should be: Gjkdn

Hoi Dennis,

ik heb je een friend request gestuurd via Steam als je een keer iemand zoekt! Mijn tijden zijn een beetje vreemd want ik ben woonachtend in Japan.

Hoi Kevin - jou ook!

this sounds like fun, can I join?
steam name: liquidator