Looking for some Suicide Squad Lore Runs (Boldur/ Benedict)

Soooo…I am looking for folks doing the Lore Challenges for Benedict (Benedict + 3 other Peacekeepers) and Boldur (Pure 5 folks Eldrid team). To do this as quickly as possible my solution would be to go into private matches with (or without) Hardcore setting and then jump off cliffs to end the mission quickly and farm this way the runs.

My PSN is “AlastorLines” just add me if you guys are interested.

Nice! I can help with lore challanges and my favorite mission to do that is “The Saboteur”.
I remember my first time in this mission, just run and fall … so embarrassing haha

My PSN: Roel_Lufran

GL to you sir…ive been begging for ages. Its just so hard to get people to commit. The stupid part is, there shouldn’t be an easy exploit to accomplish something as tedious as “join a group with x people”…I’ll be dancing when they finally fix those lores.

Did you end up finishing these?

Please feel free to add me or join the PS4 community I own for Battleborn to help with this type of thing. Group name is “NEW Battleborn USA” my psnid is iStRaD.

I know several people on PS4 that will help, we’ve pieced together a small but loyal and helpful community. Glad to have more!

Sent both of you a friend request

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I am avaible again as soon as the Lootpocalypse starts in 2 hours and 15 minutes

I have work for a few hours before I can hop on! See you then! :slight_smile:


and Done.


You know that this is the place, for PS4 players…right?

thanks I did not, I search benedict lore in the search bar and this came right up