Looking for some very specific gear, and have a TON of great weapon, shield, etc rolls to trade! Take a look!

I have a ton to offer, but I’m also looking for some very specific items. Take a look at my link below! The first several tabs show all of the annointed items I have, and the final tab has the specific items I’m looking for.

Thanks all!

Hey I might have somethings you want and i also need a phasezerker class mod

I’d certainly be open to discussing! What do you have?

I was just looking at what I got and I dont think I have anything anointed that you need

If you wanted though you can take a look in game a see if you see something you like

Hey I’ll trade you any weapon I have for that Zayne executor class mod. I’ve spent hours trying to get one and no dice. I’m not sure what I have but I have a full bank of legendaries so I’m sure I have something you want. Can we get in game and check?

IGN Trikiasso

I have a Crossroad or a Brainstormer I will trade for the Radiation Recurring Hex. psn is andrewmarks1

I dont have any of your wants; but I have a shock cutsman (moze, while auto bear is active deal 20% incendiary)
Would you trade for the incendiary cutsman?

Have a Bounty Hunter for FLAK mod, would like the Brawler ward Shield if you still have it please psn is andrewmarks1

I have transformer action skill cooldown on ASE. Like to trade for corrosive cutsman 100 damage ASE. My psn is Gimn123

Hey, sadly i dont have the annoints you’re looking for.
but would you be willing to consider trading my, binary mocking cutsman (corrosive) enemies below 25% health gain 50% increased weapon damage, and/or my binary pertinent cutsman (corrosive) while terrified deal 50% bonus cryo damage.
for your brawler ward 300% melee damage?

I have stuff you want hit me up!

I have the lucians and the cutsman coorosive