Looking for some VH advice

my main is moze, but after the little nerf I was wondering who you would get to 50 next? I have a level 18 fl4k, 9 amara and a 9 zane. I’ve been using the 3 other than moze as storage, they’re all at sanctuary. of the VH’s I have who would you take to 50 and why?

Zane. Yes, he isn’t as over powered as some ( looking at you, Amara and Fl4k ) but I just love his voice lines. Crazy Irish bastiche says some hilarious stuff. Really enjoyed his comments during the Chad quest. Mileage may vary.

So far, Fl4k has been the only one I’ve enjoyed solo start to finish. Zane, while I do enjoy his dialogue, is just annoying to play for me. And while I like Amara and Moze, the stretch from after Mouthpiece all the way up to Katagawa Jr. seems like a rough road to me.

If your going to solo on MH3 alot I would use Amara.
I’m not a big fan of he voice over she isn’t as funny as Zane or Fl4k.
But… She is extremely OP still.
The nerf police haven’t started crying about her yet. Sooooo if that’s what your looking for I highly recommend her.
Just be warned her phasegrasp and phasecast builds need very specific and not readily available gear to be very strong. A lot people don’t use her much.

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what kind of gear will she need? I might have it

Depends on what build you want to achieve.

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Fl4k,but I’m biased lol.
He’s got a great skill once you unlock it half way down in the stalker (green) tree,called lick the wounds. It’s a 1 point skill that allows your pet to revive you if you go down. That he has good health and damage skills all around too,make him the choice for solo to me. Again,I’m biased though. I’ve got 170 plus hours in,g rank just over 500. So I think me and Fl4k are pretty tight. Lol

Whoever you have fun with. Nerfs and buffs will keep changing who feels powerful and who doesn’t. I’m doing a Zane now after making a Flak, I have my Flak built for bosses, and my Zane will be built around mobbing, so if I wanna farm bosses I can Flak or if I feel like slaughterhouse or proving grounds I’ll go Zane, will help me use both characters more evenly. So maybe pick someone set up for a completely different purpose to your Moze.