Looking for some xbox one players

Would like a few people to run through the game with. Dont care if ur just farming or leveling. I have an op8 siren to help level if needed. Gamer tag is demonic83 message me. I usually game around 9 eastern time

You’re in the wrong spot. You want to go here

Note that where you’ve posted is a “place holder” category; you want to look for the relevant sub-category within it whenever you want to create a new topic. Looks like a lot of folks have picked up THC (Ha!) for XB1, so you should be in luck.

Thanks for the heads up.

Got you moved to the One section.

Need help as well please anyone to help me threw borderlands 2 gamer tag is leo493

Added you level 10 looking to play all the way through :slight_smile:


I’m undefeatdgaul 17 axton right now BL2 definitely looking for some people to play with! Add me

Always looking for players

31 Siren, wouldn’t mind being powerlevelled or just playing through with others on TVHM.

GT XXtadaZ

Hey I am looking for people, fun people to play with i want to do a new toon. i hate playing alone… add me GT: RodeoCowboyNBFM

Looking for anyone to start a new toon with, either bl2 or tps GT: Pasty Thigh. Message if interested

Looking for some new peepz :slight_smile: level 43 Axton atm.
GT: ChaiNN7

I’m a level 50 mechro, trying to finish tvhm. aerochr1s24

Need help completing the torgue dlc on UVHM looking for a fast run.

GT: ghost 5103