Looking for someone help me power level

Hoping back on bl2 for the 100th time in preparation for BL3. Currently lvl 30 mechromancer looking to get to 72 so I can start UVHM. My psn is serial_frog add me send me a message I work Monday-Friday but still hop on a little bit the weekend is when I get some good time in

You start UVHM at 50, not 72.

Word can you lvl me to 50
It’s been so long since I played had a couple maxed out characters but that was awhile ago have anew profile now

I sent you a friend request. I can help you out with what you need. Message me when you have some spare time. Psn ID Lord_Sylton

Thank you just did I’ll be on some tonight but I work so the weekend is when I get most of my gamin in

I’ll be on some early Saturday morning CST

Ok I’ll be on then

Did you send me a friend request?

Hey! Do you mind if I join? I wanted to start a new hero but I can also join with my Zer0 lvl 50 for some fun.

Send me a friend request.

Driver650c, i need a hand power lvl and some gear any help would be great

Driver650c I need a hand power levelling any help would be great

Send me a friend request