Looking for someone to help power level my Gunzerker / Barroness

I need help getting my Gunzerker on BL2, and my Baroness on BL TP-S, leveled up to 50 as fast as possible. Someone who i thought was my friend said they would help me out yesterday, only to make me wait on them for over two hours before they abandoned me without saying so much as a single word.

My GT is TheTrueLBGamer. I’m online almost every day, almost all the time, so I’m good to go whenever anyone else is.

Update: I just wanted to inform anyone who’s replied to this post that i left my GT up there for a reason. If you want to help me out with my characters, send me a message on XB1, not here. Also, i no longer need help with my Barroness, just the Gunzerker.

if your on in the PM on EST (-5 GMT) then I can help both games, will possibly be PL’ing in TPS tonight depends if a friend who needs it is on,

this has all my info and how to contact me