Looking for someone to play borderlands 2 uvhm dlc with

i am looking for someone to play thru all the bl2 dlc on uvhm with. we will share the loot im not greedy, i don’t have a mic yet but should have one within the next few days. also i think it wold be more fun to play thru the dlc with someone who hasn’t done it on uvhm yet same as me. im level 67 atm btw. if u wanna do this with me let me know here or message me on xbox360 same name as here. also i do have Skype if u wanna chat there until i get my mic for xbox360

ok so im level 72 now and i still want to do what i said above, in the mean time ill be solo grinding for loot cause most of my stuff is under leveled atm.

come on there got to be someone who wants to do this :frowning: if no one wants to join me then i guess ill do it solo, also i have decided not to let anyone join my games anymore unless i invited them or they are on my friends list, too many times random people joined my game and we kill a boss and they grab all the loot before i could even see what was dropped. i just wanna have fun and play bl2 with nice person or people . we can farm for loot after we get done the dlc if that’s something u want to do as well ( i have all dlcs includeing the headhunter ones). so yeahif u wanna join message me here or on xbox360 gt is same as my name on here. im open to play anytime

I will what is ur gamertag

No dlcs tho

this post is 2 years old lol.

also sorry im on xbox one now