Looking for someone who still has a Loot Hunt Grog Nozzle

Good day everyone. A new person to the forums here, so some introduction is in place I guess.
So I’ve been playing BL2 and Pre-Sequel, mostly the former one for a time now. At some point played with a few of my friends, though not more than 2 simultaneously unfortunately, and the maximum we got to with one of them was farming Pete (with my first char - Gaige) the easy way from above since we couldn’t really kill him normally, not having the right gear and thought we needed to down a raid boss for some good gear to begin with. Although we did all the DLCs except for Digistruct Peak to see the content. I always wanted to get all achies on steam for BL2 and kill all the bosses on UVHM, but for a few reasons my friends didn’t stick around for that long and we never truly got around to it.

Now, as BL3 has been announced and is almost here (which I probably will wait for a few (6) months to buy most probably), I thought to get back and try to get that done solo (which I always thought to be an option). Now, I understand that most will probably say it’s not that hard to kill raids in UVHM solo, since it’s nowhere near OP8 or OP10 to that matter, but for me it’s still a challenge, since it’s a bit hard to begin with no great gear tailored to every boss and having a class for each one as well. I’m not at all against farming, I like it, it’s just feels strange to me to have to farm quest gear with some techniques, as I’d prefer to farm respawnable things, the conventional farming so to say. But as I understand that is not the case with BL2 unfrotunately (though I think the UCP helps with that a bit?Haven’t tried it out yet, but read about it).

And here we come to the actual topic. I plan to play gunzerker (have one lvled to 75 atm and finished UVHM main story) and as far as I’ve read, Grog Nozzle is one of the must haves for him (for raids to begin with at least), and for many others. I missed the Loot Hunts back in the days as I got the game later, but as far as I understand, the GN was made as a normal drop during them, and thus I would like to ask if someone has a spare one (any type and lvl would do I think, as I’d be using it purely for healing) and would be kind enough to trade it with me on PC. I guess it’s a long-shot since it’s valuable and not many people seem to still stick around here, but thought to give it a try. I like to have everything completed, and it pains me to not complete that side-quest and keep it open, although if it does mean getting the other achies, then I’ll do it, but first would like to try a different approach. Although I don’t really know what I can give in return, except for my eternal gratitude, since, as I said, I didn’t really farm a lot of the valuable stuff, have a few hoplites lvl 70-71 on my Gaige, some legy mods lvl 60-68, one or two healing grenades from Pete, some torgue tokens that I could buy and trade an Unkempt I guess, but it would be lvl 72 as that’s my Gaige lvl atm. Maybe you need something specific that I may get or have?

Sorry for a long read and thank you for consideration.

in a pinch, slag Rubi can do as a grog replacement

Yeah, that will probably what I will have to settle with, but first wanted to give a try, as I mentioned. As far as I understand, the slag chance is way higher on grog, and 60% vs 12% on Ruby was it?

50.4% on the grog, not 60%. I don’t remember what the percentage on the rubi is as I haven’t used one for quite a while now (I’m on Ps4, so unfortunately I can’t help you), but yes there is still a substantial gap between them.