Looking for someone who's never played Captain Scarlet

I have the Handsome Collection on PS4. I just finished the Captain Scarlet DLC and I got screwed pretty bad. When you finish, you get access to a sweet treasure room. I opened 2 chests before realizing that I needed to clear my inventory and buy some more backpack space. I didn’t assume the treasure room would be locked forever when I got back. So now I’m cheated out of my loot and I’m pretty mad about it. Bottom line: I need someone to join who hasn’t done the Scarlet missions yet so I can re-enter the treasure room because I’m lootless and spent all my Erridium on backpack expansions just for the occasion. I’m a level 28 Commando. If you’re a lower level and want an XP boost, feel free to let me do all the heavy lifting while you just sit back and take pot shots. You’ll get first crack at the treasure room once we get there. I’ll pick at the leftovers. I just want back in. Shoot me a reply if you’re interested. It would be best if you have a mic.

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I think there’s a few vending machines at the beginning of that area. What I did was fill up my backpack with loot, make my way towards the vending machines and sell off what I didn’t want. It took a while of going back and forth, though.

If it’s your first time doing the mission, turn it in & you get a second chance at killing leviathan.

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I haven’t done it and I just got the DLC so I could do it with ya, I have a tanky siren build that could go with all kinds of stuff