Looking for something specific

I’m looking for 2 lvl 10~ish badabooms for rocket jumping.

Looking for someone to leech or power level a character of mine to a decent level so i can farm legendaries and such.

and looking for any pale(white) skins anyone has spares of.

Really wish save files were transferable I got plat on ps3, played a long time on PC and now starting over on ps4 is a little tedious

any help would be greatly appreciated, reply here of messege me on psn ign: debauchee

If you still have your ps3 you can transfer your character to the ps4.

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how would I do that? i still have my ps3

here is a link: cross-save

you can only do one character at a time and make sure you have all patches ps3 ps4
(may want to back up your saves just in case)


awesome you rock, now I just need the badabooms if anyone has XDDDD

go hunt down king mong in eridium blight…he drops it

needs to be as low level as possible so i dont die using it sadly i dont think king mong would drop a lvl 10 one

farm them in Normal mode. They will be lvl 16 (I think). That should be fine for rocket jumping.

I did this and mine are level 23 i think. But yes, farming King Mong in normal mode is your best bet. :wink: