Looking for specific gear (for OP8 Axton)

Hey everyone, I was hoping someone could help me out. I finally got to OP8 after a couple weeks of trying and I think my gear is finally officially under leveled. After spending 3 hours this morning farming loot midgets and tubbys to no avail I figured I would come on here and ask for help. I still have a level 50 Legendary Soldier (That’s how bad my luck has been) and mostly OP4 weapons with the exception of an OP7 Harold.

I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a better Leg Soldier Class Mod, and possibly any weapons they no longer need that they think would be helpful for me. If you have a second characted or something I have a ton of stuff around OP2-4. I’ll be at work until 11pm EST but if anyone can help or just wants to play hit me up.

PSN dostlfan5

Okay then, will this be any good for you?

  • Nasty Ogre
  • DPUH
  • Legendary Soldier CM
  • Antagonist
  • Inflamable the Bee
  • Plump Kerblaster
  • Corrosive Fastball
  • Rustler’s Twister

Happy to help a fellow Axton out!


Honestly I would be ecstatic with just the Class mod, but anything your willing to trade/part with would be greatly appreciated. How is the Ogre? I’ve heard good things.

PSN: dostlfan5

Hey man,there’s no trade, I’m just giving it to you, and yeah, you’ll love the Ogre!

Got ya FR and will keep an eye out for when you’re on.