Looking for specific gear PS4

LF: LVL 50 Elemental Projector Deathless relic with AOE damage & Radiation Damage
LVL 50 Radiation Flakker
LVL 50 Recurring Hex, preferably shock or radiation

And what are you offering?

Laser-Sploders (shock, cryo, corrosive) corrosive is double penetrating
Pestilent Infinity
Cutsman (corrosive, shock)
Lucians Call (cryo)
Redundant Butcher (corrosive)
Engulfing Ogre (on action skill end, next two mags have 50% additional bonus damage)
Cash-Infused Brainstormer
Handsome Jackhammer (corrosive & non elemental)
Double Penetrating Occultist
Black Hole
Rough Rider
Storm Front
Improved Re-Router (w/shield capacity)

might have Rad Flakker.

Let mme check tonight, about 9ish BST.

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Thank you!

Don’t thank me yet :joy:

Tell you what though. What does the ‘LF’ mean that people keep posting?

It means “Looking for” :relaxed: