Looking for specific Purple OP8 Allegiance Relic - OP8's to Trade

Hey all, I want to do a Digi run using just Sand Hawks and need
the purple OP8 Dahl relic that boosts burst delay & mag size to
give me a fighting chance!

If anyone please has it I have these OP8’s to trade…

  • Leg Soldier CM
  • fire Practicable CC
  • Rightsizing Yellow Jacket
  • fire Rabid Hail
  • Corrosive Fastball
  • The Sham 94%

PSN dogstar13…cheers!

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I have both op8:
purple: recoil -56.5% and burst delay -56.5%
blue: recoil -48.5% and mag size +67%

They are not exactly what you ask for so let me know if you want what I got.

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Hey @darla, thanks loads, if you don’t mind can I have both please?

I’ll send the usual FR over and of course you are wellcome to anything
I have, cheers again d!

If anyone does have the exact relic the trade is still open.


Thanks @darla, just solo’d digi with hawks only, you’re a star
chick, the relic rocks!

Big shout out to @rockshox00 who sorted me the slag flying hawk :smile:

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