Looking for specific siren class mods

Looking for a blurred trickster class mod preferably with +6 chain reaction and +5 in kinetic reflection.

Also unyielding banshee class mod with +6 in immolate and +5 in Fleet.

Op8 please if anyone as any of the above just let me know what you would like in return weapons skins heads etc

Thank you in advance psn rockshox

I’ll check 4 u after tea, rox.

Ok that would be cool Z, just looking to try different builds now. Specifically the +6 in immolate with an hoplite shield. Tx :grin:

Think I have the Blurred one for you, will check for the other as well.

Ok that would be awesome thank you :grinning:

Dang! A photo!!! :dukehappy:


Post closed @tesanmartin sorted the shopping list tx very much

Nemas problemas!


blurred trickster is what I run with. It’s awesome to see Bunker go down with one shot from a pimpernel

Blurred Trickster Bunker Buster

@Sun_Tsunami maybe you could upload your build an I will give it a try.

Saw a YouTube video with the unyielding banshee cm with the 6 in immolate while using a hoplite shield reducing your health to zero thus having immolate active as it assumed you were in fight ffyl and one shotting hyperious which seemed pretty cool an good way to farm effectively. But I can only get my health to 1 not zero. Maybe I’m doing something wrong with the build. Any suggestions are welcome.

remove restoration skill and life tap and any other gear increasing life or has health regen

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@Jmababa cheers for that do u have a build you use when using the cm, is it possible to upload it, if not I’ll just have a play around with it later.

gonna give you my friends build I’m using axton, gaige and gunzerker only. I have copy of his character on my PC gonna check the skills. been using it as storage

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http://bl2skills.com/siren.html#555051050050050050005550014501 here is my friends build iths banshee build like the name of character he chose. don’t know the gear of this build sorry.

That cool I’ll give it a run later an give u some feed back thanks for the help an suggestions much appreciated

My Build

I used:
Corrosive Barking Pimpernel
Bee Shield
Blurred Trickster CM (+6 Chain Reaction and +5 Kinetic Reflection)
Bone of the Ancients (Corrosive)

This is same setup I use to run Digistruct Peak. But I use the Purple CM (+5 Chain Reaction, +4 Life Tap and +4 Kinetic Reflection)

General Mobbing I use same build, but switch to Legendary Siren CM and I use the Blockade shield.

I use the Pimpernels (Fire and Corrosive) 95% of the time.


I can still only get my health to 1 even with no points in the harmony tree

Yeah, zombie Maya doesn’t work anymore. Well at least solo, I think it’s still possible in co-op.

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Ah ok thanks I didn’t know that just saw it on YouTube video and wanted to give it a try as it looked pretty awesome way of farming.

Thanks for letting me know

I pretty much use the same build as Sun_Tsunami but with the Antagonist :+1: