Looking for specific Unseen Threat

Hey Guys. I’m desperately looking for this exact Sniper but level 65:

Got it in the 100% dedicated drop week before the last level cap. Now it’s a pain to get it.
Annoint, fire rate, mag size and zoom are the parts that matter. Although an ASE annoint with Rad or shock would be fine too.
Can trade you for whatever, I’m zane mane so I got lots of Sntnl Cryo guns. Urad guns and good mods and artefacts for any VH.

I have a urad one with 33% crit 91% wep dmg 15% fire rate 15% reload

Mag size 8 and zoom 6,5?

Sounds like an addict :smirk:

I also have a urad one… standby

8 round mag and no zoom increase

So obvious mh? :sweat_smile: Yeah tryin out builds now with the new zane changes got me quite hooked back on. Geez I could spend all day wreckin with MNTIS and frozen heart.
Well with commitment and cold bore I can make the level 60 version work too. It just has the best feel to it… And I also have a 65 but with smaller mag and zoom.
So not really “desperately” looking for it. :wink: And farming Amach makes sense for old gods and anarchy too so… But would be awesome if somebody turns up here with the exact one cause chances are just really low without the event.

Yea I def don’t have that exact gun but I am looking for a 75%ib old god if you ever get one

I have old god rad IB 75 if you want

Yes. Give it!!! @_@

Like how do you have everything?!

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What’s IB?
I just got my first Smog fire with next 2 mags extra fire! Yey!
BTW where would I look for other players to game online?

Very good friends and a bit of luck. :rofl::rofl: Will send it in the afternoon( France time)

@nightro2 +75% shield and health after Iron Bear exit anoint.

I too have one at 65 that has all the stats but 6 mag,will keep my eye out for it
If you want to run co-op add me, on most days after 4 est and most weekends

What?? Nice! That’s close enough!
What can I trade you for it?
My psn is x_raytch
Won’t be online though for couple of days cause I’m knocked flat sick. But will add you as soon as I’m back. :slight_smile: