Looking for (specific, weird) +100% dmg or +125% annointed weapons

I’m currently looking for the following weapons in the following elements in either 125% or 100% annointments. Hit me up if you have any of these and we can work out a trade. Odds are if you don’t see it listed here, I have a variant of it.

AR     - Bearcat (shock), Trybolt (Shock/Fire), Damned (Cryo)
Pistol - BabyMaker (Cryo/Corr/Rad), Bangarang (Kinetic), Gunerang (Rad), Breeder (coro/cryo/fire/rad pref x2), Echo (shock)
SG     - Phebert (Corr/Cryo/Fire/Rad/Shock), Tidal Wave, Projectile Recursion (Corr + anything), Redline (Corr/Cryo/Rad/Shock), 
         Boring Gun (Corr/Cryo/Fire/Rad/Shock), Lob (Corr/Shock), Fearmonger (Shock/Corr/Cryo)
SMG    - Bitch (Rad/Shock), Predatory Lending (Fire/Rad/Shock), Destructo Spinner (Cryo + any), Westergun (Rad + any), 
         Ten Gallon (Cryo/Shock/Rad/Fire)```