Looking for Spiritual Driver CM

Let me know what you would like for it and I will see what I have.

Got two with 3 Points in Mindfullness

One is 25% damage and 31% Shotgun Damage
The other one is 25% damage and 31% SMG Damge

Sry messed up the last post:

So I’m looking for fire hex with regen, gamma weapons - particularly fire cutsman, and stop gap shields. Only anointed items…

If Corey doesn’t take the shotty based one I could use it. Lots to offer.
PSN is PIKE 2564

You got a phaseslam anointed q-system? or a redundant face puncher with 100% ase? I got the shotgun/weapon dmg driver with 3 mindfullness

I wish I had that Q system. Facepuncher maybe…I’ll have to check.

K lemme know

Best I can do on the Q is 1136x2.

But no phaseslam anoint?


Damn, thanks

Redundant w/300% after slam and Deep dive w/125% badass.

damn. got a phaseslam redundant brainstormer?

Don’t think so.

Damn, any x2 crader’s? or phaseslam kyb’s?

@davidmorganbray I have Gamma of the following weapons: Companion, Molten Faisor, Nuclear Jericho, Lyuda.

I’ll take the faisor and the companion if you want both?

Hello my psn account is Eljavo_ looking for someone to level me up, got good loot for duplication and exchange

@davidmorganbray sounds good to me. I will send you and friend invite after I drop the kids off to school.

Cool. Just let me know your PSN as a few people add me…