Looking for Spiritual Driver lvl 50-57. Will be picky when I have my build

Just got the dlc and started leveling my siren, figured I’d level grinding for gear but the exp on m4 sucks and I’ve had no luck. Anyone have a spare/old please let me know, willing to trade what I do have

I got a 50 I’m not using till you find a better one, what’s your gamertag?

I’m farming Sylestro right now trying to get a better one. I can grab any of them that drop and send you the ones that I don’t want.

I’ve probably got 10 spares with at least 1 good stat (+damage, cool down, magsize, etc). Have no problem sharing a couple.

I’ll take guns with the +1% damage anointment if you have any. If not, take a few drivers, pay it forward. :+1::+1:

GT: SquirrelEDan

I’ll be on this afternoon/evening.

Sorry for the late reply. Got the driver farming 5 min after this post and forgot about it. I’ve been saving all the +1% guns I find, looking for anything in particular?