Looking for Spy Class Mod

Does anyone have an extra spy class mod?

I’ve been farming one of these since the arms race dropped and never had one! In fact I’ve struggled getting any class mods from this dammed mode!!

I have a few but not great rolls.

PSN juniorsenior95

Where did u get these from? Random boss drop??

Got about 6. 5 dropped from the boss and 1 was just from a random enemy.

Gutted I’ve had the worst luck ever! :roll_eyes:

Weird, I’ve been getting them a lot. I’m not on PS4 tho

Yeah I was wondering if it’s a problem with the PS4 drop rates?? :man_shrugging:t4:

I’ve had a couple drop on PS4. Not played the mode massively but had every item drop at least once.

Usually extract 3/5 items per run

I have this one. Send me a message and we’ll sort it out

I’m out watching the football atm but I will add u once I get in! :+1:t4:

Add Muletastic and send a note. It late here in the UK so may not get around to sorting until tomorrow.

Ok no worries! :+1:t4: I’m goofball_oz

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Yo Eldee that’s a sweet Class Mod. Got a spare one for me ? I’m in the UK but don’t get a lot of time to play.
farmed quite a few legendary’s from arms race but no luck getting a Zane class mod.

Let me know if you need anything

Send me a fr to muletastic with a note and I’ll sort it.


Ooooh that’s a good one. Will farm some piss for ya if you wanna do a deal?

PSN - JuniorSenior95

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Wow that is very much if u ever need anything let me know. I’ve got a lot of legendarys! :+1:t4:

Send me a fr to muletastic with a note

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