Looking for Sticky Quasar grenade--homing a must lol

As the title states…looking for lv1 infinity(any flavor)…trade done…thanks steinimaster!!

sticky quasar needs to be homing

let me know what you are looking for

Have an infinity lvl.1, what have you got to offer?

Looking for an bloodletter with health reg (+2PD/+3DM)
or anything else everybody’s looking for for those common builds

Lg Lucky

sadly no bloodletter with health regen and mine are 3 roll varients…been trying for days to get what your looking for as well lol…

anything else in particular?

infinity found! Thanks Steinimaster!

Still needing that Sticky Quasar —let me know what your after.

Would you be able to trade the Sticky Quasar for a Radiation Recurring Hex ?

i have a radiation MIRV-Tacular Hex as pictured

Okay I’d make that trade. I LITERALLY just got a sticky quasar from the red jabber. I’ll post a picture gimme a little bit

sticky quasar has to have homing on it as title states…sorry for the confusion all

I have a sticky quasar and homing , looking for a good class mod for Moze (blast master or bloodletter) a good siren class mod (phasezerker) or a good flak classmod ( bounty hunter) got any ?

delete this thread