Looking for Stuff. Have Stuff to Trade

Currently looking for:

• Kyb’s Worth (Radiation/Corrosive) - x3 Damage with Gamma Burst Anointment (x2 Damage is okay too)
• Potent Quickie (Non Elemental, Fire and Corrosive) - x2 Damage with Moze Bonus Splash Damage Anointment

A few things I have for trade are a Vindicator Ghast Call, MIRVTacular and Recurring Hexes, lvl 1 Stop Gap, anointed guns like Lyudas, Lucians Calls and Maggies. Tediore Homing MIRV Shotguns. Cutpurse Deathless artifact. Class mods for Amara, Fl4k and Moze and other artifacts.

If I didn’t mention anything you may be looking for, let me know what you would like in exchange and I’ll see if I have it.

Reply here or message me on PSN: Sirronile

I have an elemental projector

+149 health Regen
+29 shock resistance
+33 AOE dmg

Do you have a cut purse deathless artifact?

I do but that doesn’t have the attributes I need. Sorry.

I have a number of red suits, but un-annointed

Dont have any of the weapons you are looking for, but do have a Tevanator with Rad and Gamma Burst Annoint

I do have an elemental projector victory rush, but not with your secondaries requested.

I also have an elemental projector planetoid with mag size, but the other secondaries do not fit.

I know nothing you are looking for specifically, but thought I would throw these out there

I have the Red Suit with Cooldown and an Elemental Projector with 2/3 bonuses. If you’re interested let me know and we can work something out.

Yeah, what are some things you’re looking for?

Currently my top priority is the new Flak “Rakk Pak” mod.
Some of the new guns with decent anointments are next on my list (especially a good Tankman’s Shield or Juliet’s Dazzle)

PSN is ipayurfrenz shoot me a fr and we can work something out.

I need these too ill trade anything i have

Updated list

You got a loaded dice or bloodletter either with hp regen?

What kind of loaded dice were you looking for? But I believe I have a Bloodletter with health regen. I’ll double check in a bit.

Any so long as it’s got hp regen.

Ah, don’t have any with health regen but I do have the Bloodletter with it. What did you have to trade?

I have a everblast shock with splash damage if you have a cutpurse loaded dice w/ health regen

I don’t

alright, thanks

Updated list again

I have bloodletter with hp regen if you are still looking. Will trade for bloodletter with mag size and atleast 1 or 2 in desperate measures, or a cutpurse deathless with mag size.

I’ll check when I return home tomorrow. Left for Thanksgiving

The offer has changed, i have both what i asked for. Now looking for a annointed quickie with splash dmg :slight_smile: