Looking for stuff

Looking for the following:

Cryo Crossroads
Executor (Zane Mod)
Mirv Hex (Cryo)
Re-Router shield

I have a bunch of stuff to trade but I am at work and won’t be home until around 9pm PST.

If you have this and are after anything specific let me know I have 2 vaults full of legendaries.

Xbox handle is ZombieSomething

Have other types of hex’s?

I have a Hex (cryo) and Hex(Radiation) both homing but not mirvs, and I pulled a Cloning Hex (Electricity) but no idea how it works.

I think I have a couple different rerouter shields I can trade. I’m looking for:

Moze deathless mods
Moze bloodletter mods

I have 1-2 deathless mods and I have 1-2 bloodletter mods

When I get home I’ll send you pics of the rerouters I have and we can go from there once you’re home?

I have a cryo crossroads, annointed recurring cryo hex, and several re-routers.

Do you have any Phasecast/Phaseslam/Rakk/Gamma annointed weapons/gear?

Will have to look when I get home, not sure