Looking for Teammates for PvE and PvP

Hey everyone,

I’m looking for some teammates for both PvP and PvE. I like to communicate and work together to win and playing with random is making that tough as many people don’t use their mic. I am flexible and can play any role needed.

Hit me up if you’re looking for a teammate. My gamertag is A Busy Bear.

I completely agree. I can’t believe how many people play this game w/o mic’s…so frustrating.

Anyone is free to add me (GT: LaMuerteBlanca), but I’m looking for teammates who actually communicate.

I’m comfortable and willing to play any role, but Orendi is my favorite so far.


Sent you a message and friending. I’m looking to play some soon if you’re on.


Thanks Chef! I try to get on as often as I can, but I travel quite a bit for work. I’m usually on late on some weeknights (CST), and the weekends I’m available, I’m on most of the day. We’ll definitely get something going soon.

Hey guys been looking for some ppl to play with GT blackcatfriday13 if interested

Add me B1llyriz

Looking for to join some advanced story. Msg me if you ever need more ppl. GT: Killdaur

add you to my list as well

I try looking for you on pns and couldn’t find anyone

Same with u

pns? PS4? If thats what you mean im on xbox one.

O that sucks yea I’m on ps4

Gt is A Purple Banana anybody hit me up if you wanna play