Looking for teammates that aren't nitwits

On PS4. I main El Dragon, Rath and Caldarius and I’m decent with all 3. Hit me up.

Got ya moved to the PS4 co op category.
Best of luck!

Buy me battleborn for ps4 and I will be a non nitwit for you.

I play on ps4. Mastered Atticus and kleese. I play all dps, tanks, and support roles well. Looking to form/join a team for legendary farming and advanced heliophage farming. Have a ton of legend items already. Add Parade_of_Death if interested.

Sounds good I’ll add you when I get on again.

Hey I’d definitely be interested in farming for legendaries,as of now I only have a few.

I would be down to play i am good with phobe, mellka, Miko, and thorn. But not uncomfortable with any character. You can add me my psn is legenddairy585

Hit me up. PSN - JonGoober