Looking for Terror anointed legendaries

Just got this too…

For sure! I will send you the best one I can find. I believe the one I was looking at had 25% gun damage on it so you might want that one the most.

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Some more if you’re interested

Hey! I’m interested in the duc.

What would you want for it?

Looking for a gernade with terror on action skill if you come across any. Trade ya for it.

@riverhale4 You can have it! By chance would you have any of the below;

  • Phasezerker class mod with +25 gun damage and most points into Anima
  • Fire Cutsman with +250/+300 Amara Annoitment
  • Fire Crossroads with +250/+300 Amara Annoitment
  • Fire Lyudia with +250/+300 Amara Annoitment

Also I picked up some more things with Terror last night if you need any of these;
2 different transformer shields
Wagon Wheel


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I am pretty sure i have a moar linoge with ammo terror.

would you happen to have an atom balm otto idol and a pestilence gamma burst anointed?

I believe I have the Phasezerker com you need as well as the fire cutsman and crossroads. What are the two transformers anointed with by any chance?

Unfortunately not. I just got my flak to level 50 so I need to start grinding out gear on him soon

I’ll take a pic of them shortly for you.
Yeah, I’d love that stuff if you can part with it!!


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I like the transformer with the chance to reflect bulllets. Yeah I am willing to trade that stuff :slight_smile: I will be on in about 4 hours and can send you those items then

Perfect buddy, I’ll do the same. My gt is MegalomaniacHD

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Do you happen to have an Anointed Maggie or Anointed Conference Call?

I do

I have a Crossroad with the terror extra projectile anointed perk if you interested. I’m looking for weapons with the gamma burst anointment and atom balm relics.

Edit: I also have a Epicenter grenade with anointment: apply terror every 5 secs on ASE for 18 secs

Which one?