Looking for Terror anointed legendaries


Ok then, so Anointed Companion for Anointed Maggie. Still want to go through with this? If so, I’ll mail you it

You still have the epicenter with terror? Gamertag is Reapjitsu.

Still have the Epicenter grenade with terror and looking to trade it for gamma burst anointed weapons.

I have a Dictator anointed Terrified Health regen.

Also have a Lucians call corrosive anointed Terror 25% heal

At the moment, I don’t believe I need those two but thanks anyways!

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Do you need an anointed rough rider, Terrified gain ammo regen?

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I’m interested!

Sorry that has been traded already.

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I have a “Burning Vulgor Alchemist” while terrified gain ammo regen. And a “Firesale Long Musket” after Phaseslam weapon dmg increase 300%.


I have a terror anointed itchy echo (reflects projectiles), projectile Recursion (applies terror on action skill end), and unforgiven (chance to fire second projectile). I’m looking for a regular super shredder.