Looking for the 4 second set of pearls

Kind of desperate to get these now, i have farmed well over 200 tubby enemies and only ever had one drop, I’m level 72 but wouldn’t care what level they are. I can offer pretty much any legendary in return, any help would be hugely appreciated.

PSN: Craig_Wba95

I had all of these at one point but they are all so bad that I think I probably don’t any longer…I will double check though and let you know what I have. Send me a FR on PSN. jgcobb79

Ah Jg, good to see you my friend!

And I agree, but my friend is getting into the game, and to help suck him in deeper I am gearing him up for 72 :slight_smile:

Willing to trade any Op8 1 for 1 for a 72 thats on my list, or willing to trade lvl 70 TPS for a 72 BL2 that is on my list.

Ill add you tonight, danNYSamber