Looking for the best Mod for this build

I’m looking for some mod help for siren. I have a build, and good weapons for it, but not a mod. I would like to push the fact that I am not pushing for people to follow my build, this is my build, and I welcome critiques, you do not have to follow it. If you would like to know the weapons and shield I am using, just ask.


Again, I am just asking for help.

take points in reaper somewhere…

I kinda see that one as useless, and also I play alone, cause I have bad internet.

I don’t understand. Reaper useless because you play alone? Are you mistaking Reaper for another skill?

I like using sketchy skills, and I hear (but have not experienced myself) the ‘stun’ from hitting enemies from Blight Phoenix, and even with +11 in there and all the buffs I can muster, Blight Phoenix doesn’t bring enough damage to the table for me. Note that I haven’t done extensive testing with it since Maya’s recent buffs, but I would consider moving those points to Reaper.

I don’t get why people say Reaper is good, cause it causes more damage to enemies above half health.

Remove 5 points from Blight Phoenix and put them in Reaper. I would also lose the 5 points from Helios to Immolate.

Reaper is one of the most powerful skills in the game, especially when using The Bee.

Who doesn’t love a damage bonus? If, for example, you are using sniper rifles with Maya, the initial shot gets the full damage bonus from Reaper, increasing the chance that your target will die on the first shot. If it doesn’t (and drops them to like a quarter health), no harm: your guns still do regular damage.

I’m going to be using SMGs.

Still… those points in Reaper will produce way more damage than in Blight Phoenix, even though it’s only active for the first half of their health bar.

Reaper is one of Maya’s best DPS skills. With the proper COM and 10/5 Reaper, you will get +80% damage to enemies that have 50% or more health remaining. With Reaper, enemies don’t have more than 50% health remaining for very long especially is using a high ROF weapon such as an SMG. Without making changes to the Build you provided, I would say that the Legendary Siren is the best COM to use. You already have 5 points in all of the skills it adds 5 point to. So, you would have 5 skills (Ward, Accelerate, Mind’s Eye, Flicker and Foresight) at 10/5.

However, I can tell you from experience that you don’t necessarily need all those skills at 10/5. With the Legendary Siren, you only really need 1 point in Accelerate and 1 point in Mind’s Eye (for 6/5 total to each skill). Even with the recent update, I would still avoid Blight Phoenix. And Helios may end up being one of those all or nothing skills, meaning you want at least 10/5 Helios or no points in Helios. However, to get to 10/5 Helios you would want to use the Legendary Binder. One key skill you are missing is Inertia. Inertia is one of Maya’s best defensive skills. It pairs well with Ward and can compensate well for the recharge delay of some longer recharge delay shields (example: the Bee) My Siren Build can be found in my ‘signature’. However, I have not updated it yet to include Cloud Kill. So, the Build I would recommend for a strictly solo player using a Legendary Siren + ideally a Bone of the Ancients is as follows:


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The awesome thing about reaper is that it is a multiplier, so if you crit and/or element match, it multiplies that damage. basicly, it’s Maya’s strongest DPS skill outside of edge cases. You are also going to want inertia for sure, it’s really strong, I’d take it over quicken, espically if you’re running a bone of ancients and a L.Siren or L.Binder COM because of the diminishing returns on CDR.

This is what I run, it’s a pretty solid all around build, just leaving this as an example.

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Lol, I forgot about relics, thanks for that.

@Poisd2Strike’s and @Wingsday’s builds are solid. You can choose to move the points in Flicker to whatever you want, including the value point in Blight Phoenix for the stun, but I wouldn’t recommend putting more than one point in it, since the damage is negligible.
I would recommend using either a L. Siren or Cat mods. Do note that the Cat COM does add more Damage than the L. Siren, but doesn’t help you with survivability in any way.
If you still want to spec into Helios, you can use a L. Binder COM. It adds points into it, but also Wreck and Reaper, some of the Cat COM’s main selling points, but still boosts Sweet Release that is an amazing healing skill and has cooldown reduction (it’s less than the one of L. Siren’s though), both of which lack in the Cat COM.

It’s a bit subtle, but still there; you can see a psycho tilting when they enter BP’s area. Plus, it makes you look cool.

Like others have said, 10/5 Reaper is +80% gun damage against enemies with >50% Health. Keep in mind that some enemies (e.g., Hyperion Snipers) have way more Shields than Health. Reaper will give you its full bonus the entire time you’re chewing through the Shield, and then the first half of their Health bar as well! So in practice, any shielded enemy will give you the full boost for more than half of the total damage necessary to kill them! This benefits SMGs too, but really shines if you ever switch to a higher damage-per-shot gun like a sniper or shotgun.

Since you plan on using mainly SMGs, I’d recommend the Legendary Cat which will buff Reaper among a lot of other really good DPS skills, and gives a HUGE damage boost to SMGs.

As for relic, I recommend using a Corrosive or Incendiary Bone of the Ancients in order to boost you damage (multiplicative after all other boosts are added… even Reaper!). If an area has mixed Flesh and Armored enemies, I’d probably go with the Corrosive Bone of the Ancients since it will boost the amazing powers of Cloud Kill as well as any Corrosive SMG you equip.

Finally, Blight Phoenix does absolutely crap damage. (e.g., 1/5 points at level 64 was only doing ~1800 Incendiary and ~4800 Corrosive damage per second to an Armored enemy with a Corrosive Bone of the Ancients), but it does make enemies stumble when they first take damage from it. That’s why I’d only recommend putting a single point in it, even though it makes you look totally badass!

Your spec is an oddball. The closest I could give you is L. Binder, but you miss out on a ton of DPS by not speccing Reaper. And seriously, why would you pass up on Immolate? It’s a 1.5x damage modifier while in FFYL, how could that not be a good idea? I actually had to double check the level of the build, the scarcity of point distribution made me think it was for level 50 at first. Anyway, yes, I would recommend the L. Binder for you, you’ll get three skill boosts and a nice passive. The passive would even allow you to remove your points from Quicken and put them into Reaper for all that nice juicy damage. Good luck!

I’m going to attempt to explain why reaper is so good in a simple way with her damage formula.

Let’s say you are using a low level smg wtih 100 damage for easy math, you phaselocked the enemy so you have slag and wreck and you hit the crit for minds eye.

100 x (1 + 15% accel + 30% wreck ) x 2 x (1 + 25% mind) x 3 slag = 1087.5

Now lets add Reaper to that

100 x (1 + 15% + 30%) x 2 x (1 + 25%) x (1 + 40% reaper) x 3 = 1522.5

You can see its a massive boost because it is not additive like wreck and accelerate, it multiplies everything giving you a true 40% boost.

If reaper was additive like I assume the OP thought it would be like this

100 x (1 + 15% + 30% + 40%) x 2 x (1 + 25%) x 3 = 1387.5

Far less impressive of an increase. For every additive skill you add you get less of a % increase to your total damage because you are adding the %'s and not multiplying them. Reaper stands on its own and therefore you will always get 100% of it.

Now on to the real question the OP asked

  • Legendary Siren com would be my take since you hit all the skills it boosts
  • Binder and Cat you don’t have Reaper, no Trickster since you don’t have KR or Lifetap

You could also go for a blue +6 Wreck +5 Ward Warder COM for a balance of maximized DPS and a lot of survivability.

Just like the others have said: Reaper is one of Maya’s best skills, no reason to skip it. Conveniently, Blight Phoenix is pretty bad, so just switch those points around.

The rest seems just fine, though you should give life tap a try.

Legendary Siren/Binder/Cat are all good. The difference between them is just a matter of personal preference: they all perform very well.