Looking for the Cat Ear Head for Maya

i was Curious if anyone has a extra head customization for the Maya Cat ear/Whisker head. its called kawaii killer if im correct. im looking for it for me and my girlfriend. but my girlfriend comes first since she loves it alot more then i do. if someone has a spare they can give me on the xbox one that would be great and well appreciated. if a 360 player has a spare i can go ahead and get it from there as well and just transfer that char with it over to the xbox one retrieve it and give it to her. but if someone has a spare please message me on xbox. my gamer-tag is Madinogi and say whether your on xbox 360 or xbox one.

You’d probably have more luck getting a trade if this was in the correct section, so maybe one of our mods can assist in getting it there.

I don’t have a head to spare, but you can always farm Vermivorous for it. Good luck!

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Moved to the appropriate trade section.

ahhh thank you for that.

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