Looking for the following :P

mirv-tacular hex cyro (anointed regen effect)
mirv-tacular hex radiation (anointed regen effect)
ice breaker victory rush with mag perk
phazezerker amara mod (with 3 good all around gun damage perks)
zane executor mod (with 3 good all around gun damage perks)

got over 200+ items I think now I can offer in return, though find my other post for my list of items!

the mirv hex grenade is the one that clones mid flight and spawns babies on impact right?

youre looking for one with an annoinment on it?

yeah its called mirv-tacular hex and comes in 3 elements and the regen grenade perk (as got shock but missing other 2 elements)

I have a radiation one I’m willing to trade but it has no anointment