Looking for the Maggie

Does anyone know any areas where the chances to find a maggie are increased or even a king/queen call? i have tried to farm some the bosses several times and just cant find them… Thanks in advance!

I just got a Dastardly Maggie from Gigamind.

Just got a second one from Gigamind.

IMO farming Tremendous Rex is a PITA because of all of the levels and waves you have to go through to get to him.

The Maggie drops from Tremendous Rex, the boss of the Cistern of Slaughter. But it’s also a world drop, so any boss/badass/chest can drop it.
The King/Queen’s call drops only from Tyreen, so you need to farm her, maybe in the process she may drop you a Maggie.

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I’ve gotten all my Maggies from Capt. Traunt, Giga & Graveward.

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And all three are very easy to get to.

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If you’re just looking for a Maggie and you don’t care if it is anointed or which anointment it has and if doing a Slaughter event like the Cistern would be challenging for you, farm world drops.

If you’re looking for a particular anointment on a Maggie, and Slaughters are not too much of a challenge for you, farm Tremendous Rex.

The Maggie has a 25% chance to drop from Tremendous Rex. The chance for a Maggie to be the drop you get for a world drop is ~0.6% since there is a large pool of legendaries which can be world drops.

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I was farming Tyreen for a King’s/Queen’s call a few weeks back and was then going to farm Rex after I got what i wanted. Tryeen ended up dropping me a Sntl/Cryo Maggie! Then two days later Gearbox up’d the level cap to 53

I was ticked off!

Go in the Loot forums… the pistol is widely available. If you don’t have luck send me a request and I’ll see what I can do. PSN: Adamjaz

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If your on PC, just add me… I got a spare one😎