Looking for the motherload of heads/skins! [PS4]

Anybody got a toon with all rare heads and skins laying around like we all used to back in the day?

I had everything back on PS3 which I sold ages ago… then Gearbox got with the program for Handsome Jack’s Collection and gotta farm 'em all again, but unfortunately, I only have a tiny amount of time between work and stuff to actually play so no time to actually do that. :frowning:

Willing to trade from pool of: OP8 legendaries, shields (RR, 94% corrode immune sham, couple Terra hides, Slagga, Norfleets, DPUH, I think all Zero/Gaige coms, BoTA (corrode and 40% cooldown), lots of random other stuff etc. (all OP8)

Hit me up! PSN is Flokk_9

(should also add that I’ll be happy to store whatever heads/skins I land and pass them along - I gave out hundreds of wings in Diablo 3 for example!)

Nothing, nobody?

Got a lot of OP8 stuff I’ll hook you up with.

Terra Shields (Flame/Explosion resist)
Alkaline Bee
Rough Rider
Red. Fibber
I think all of the legendary Gaige+Zero mods
etc etc…Sandhawks and Pimps coming soon, working on missions now.

I have some, i can give them to you because no one else wants them lol :). PSN: hitman10466

awesome! when are you gonna be on? also what off the list do you want? :slight_smile:

I will be on in about half an hour or so. I added you on psn

cool im getting on now…