Looking for the Pearlescent Stalker pistol


I am aware these forums are quite silent now, but my interest in Borderlands got revived recently and I naturally re-installed the game and was delighted to find my old characters ready to serve. Prior to the launch of Borderlands 2 I was quite an avid fan of grinding Crawmerax for the best loot available and over time I did get a good bounty and traded for some of the missing pieces.

Now, however, I’ve become more infatuated with Mordecai than my original sweetheart Lilith and the glaring lack of a Stalker pistol is bothering me a fair bit. Naturally I would like to trade for one of those.

I have got a good haul of things I could offer in exchange. Out of the Pearlescent items, I know I have a Rose up for grabs for sure. Relatively sure (not on my gaming computer atm, but I will gladly check) I also have a Tsunami and Serpens as extra ones, quite probably a Bessie too. On top of those, I have a good variety of Legendaries, ranging from Orion to Hellfire, to masher Anaconda and various elemental Butchers.

In case anyone is interested and has a particular weapon in mind, feel free to toss a message here.

Good luck, Vault hunters!

Meet ya on the border brotha

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