Looking for The run and gun version of The Band of Sitorak

Looking for a run and gun Band of Sitorak shield with both the movement speed and damage bonuses together on the same shield. Saw someone on YouTube that had found one. Am willing to trade if possible or anything really… could really use to get my hands on that nifty… albeit, very very nifty shield … :star_struck:

Please let me know if you might have an extra or willing To figure out some sort of trading situation and I’ll see what I can do. :grinning:

GT: starovdarkness

I do…I think. I know I have 2. Do you have an anointed front loader shield with an anointment?

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I have the run & gun & it’s anointed

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Oh no I am so sorry, I just got back on today to check and see if I had any replies yet…

WHOA! that’s amazing news to hear!!! I just really really hope I have one of what your looking for in return. :flushed:

I’ll have to check here in just a moment and will be back on here ASAP to let you know…