Looking for the Ultra Rare stuff

Hey guys.

I finally got fully into BL1 around the new year.

Got Lilith up to 69 in a few weeks and started farming Crawmerax and the Farmoury HARD for more than a month straight.

Found three Pearls (Serpens, Tsunami, and a Rose shield) as well as every Legendary except the Ajax Ogre and Reaper, and i never saw an Eridian weapon of higher than Green rarity.

Could anyone hook me up with the Pearls, Legendaries, and Eridians I am missing?

I am starting school again soon here and will never have time to farm for them again!

Add me on PSN:


Or reply / message me on here, please.

Thanks in advance!

Do you want an Old pearlescent chimera? it is a legendary, it does 1000 dmg, and has X3 elemental dmg.

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But…aren’t Chimeras Orange?

I know ive found at least one Chimera - i also know it had crappy parts!

no it’s not orange

i’ve got it from farming crawmrax, am i am lvl 69

and i am , sorry

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Alright, yes, Id love to get thst from you, thanks!

What is your PSN id?

My PSN is Sergiu2000, but i thought we were going to trade weapons

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Oh definitely!

I’ll add you soon!

i made a lobby in borderlands 1, and i am farming crawmrax right now.

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Im just about to head out for the day!

Ill add you when i get home late tonight or sunday sometime, ok?


Is that ok?