Looking for these Legendaries

Radiation Barrage w/ zoom
Incendiary or radiation Warlord w/ zoom
Incendiary or Radiation Kaos w/ zoom
Legendary shield with over 15K capacity

Let me know what you’re looking for and hopefully I’ll have it to trade.

@akitosaisuke- I have Corrosive Crossroad and looking for Flakker. Preferably with DP prefix.

I have a flakker but it doesn’t have the DP prefix.

@akitosaisuke- Trade?
Add me-- Tag in my info, Ill be on in about an hour.

Sure. My GT is Starfall Shadow.

Edit: Your gamertag doesn’t exist apparently, because it’s not coming up.

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Ok im not how yet and not sure how to do it on the app. I think they are all capital i 's so try that.

Yup tried with all capital i’s and it didn’t find you.

copy and paste… IN0 JUMPElR

Ohhhhhh is that a 0 and not an o? That might be why

Just sent you a night hawkin

Woah thanks. What did you want?

Nothing, I got a bunch of those. Cheers!

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Very Much appreciated then! :smiley:

Anyone have elemental projectors? I have calls Molten ludyas grave artifact loot expanding loaded dice um some different element crossroads other things in the bank