Looking for these weapons to complete collection

I’m looking for the smasher pistol and bull pup shotgun at 70 if anyone interested in trading. I have the handsome collection but I don’t think these item were ever placed back in the game. As well as a melee probe if any one could help me out much appreciated. Hit me up SunsetRapier738

This is a mission weapon and cannot be traded.

But I’ve seen people recommend it for Athena melee build. I figured it was a event drop like how grog was in BL2.

Athena is TPS, there was no event like that for TPS only BL 2

What people do is get the quest and don’t turn it in so they will always have it. It is honestly not that great of a weapon. If you want something like it but better, go for a Hail assault rifle and you can get one with a blade. It is also a Moxxi weapon so it heals you. The only downside is learning to use it,but if you set your FoV all the way up it makes it easier (in my opinion) and if you just spend time with it.

Just gotta be lucky when you load your game I suppose

Yea I’ll try and farm for a bladed version maybe even get lucky and get it in electric. Thanks thou

Oh OK I guess the ones I see are like Moded through Gibb. Thanks thou. You wouldn’t know anything about the smasher pistol or bullpup shot gun would you

I only know that it’s a mission reward iirr and that before gearbox patched it, you could get it at any level

not necessarily, could be this

as said it’s part of a quest, if you jump into a game and the host has that quest open, everyone will have one in their backpack, jump back into your game then it’s gone unless you’ve accepted that quest in your game.
Now if their able to drop one or trade it then yeah more then likely it is

But also FYI even to much talk of that type is frowned on around here, there is however a couple threads for Both games (I believe) that tell what you can look for to decide if the gear that some random drops is legit or not

I think I may have a Bladed fire one on my character.

I just got around to checking. yes I do have a bladed Hail fire hail if you want it you can have it. My gamertag is ValkyriesHero

Thanks for the offer. But I already started farming trying to get a electric one due to lack of oxygen thanks thou