Looking for those things :D

i am lookin for those things :

1-monarch Shock ,fire or rad 300.90

2- redistributor Rad or cryo Sntl Cryo (the base dmg >1900) ;

3- redistributor shock or fire or corrsive sntl cryo ( the base dmg >1600 )

4- sickle rad 6300kx10 50.150 or 300.90

FT 1-kasons
4- sandhawks
any thing you might want just ask

I’ve got what you need… Add me, Epic/Shift ID: korben44

Don’t need anything in return… just pay it forward!

i think i added you mate but you really dont want anything in return ?? @korben44

OK cool. I’ll send them when I’m back online. Just pass on the kindness, mate!

I still need to send you two Redistributors… I’ll get them to you tomorrow.