Looking for Tips on a pair at the Takedown

My buddy and I have two-person-teamed everything in Mayhem 4 except for the Takedown.

I don’t necessarily think we can beat wotan, but last week, we set our eyes on the Valkyries. What we’ve noticed is that generally, the entire fight is smooth until the last 1/3 when all three of them attack at once. I’m not sure if we simply dont have enough DPS, or if there’s a useful strategy for it, but I’d welcome suggestions.

Here’s our pair and some basic info:

Zane Double Barrell + CCC

  • Primary Guns
    • Maggie w/barrier anoint, Brainstormer, anointed 130 clone swap breath of the dying (not sure the class mod being used)

Moze BM + Vampyr build

  • Primary guns
    • Brainstormer, Ogre, Ruby Wrath with splash anoint, Cloning Maddening tracker, Rocketeer or Blast Master, corrosive projectile recursion

The rocketeer setup works wonders during that fight because you can both use IB as cover and as a tank, even getting into Dakka to regen shield when needed. He’ll even stay alive during almost every mobbing wave except for that last 1/3rd.

A couple of things about our teamwork: I generally work on badasses while she freezes and knocks out adds. My grenades keep me healed almost indefinitely, but I normally dont have enough DPS to really do much unless they’re frozen, and i cant get the benefit of ase because my IB is tanking. I’ve been really trying not to go tedior chucky mode, but I do have the gear for it.

We havent tried this since the last patch, so if any of the changes might make something else work, i’d be happy to hear it. Also, if you need more detaill, lemme know.

ThiccFila manage to solo it with Zane so maybe taking inspiration from him can help https://youtu.be/WdH7T_upDFc as for moze I have no clue.

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yeah ive watched his videos, and they make sense, tho, i feel like most of his stuff is solo focused, minus one stop gap - distributed denial build he made. I think my zane buddy watches his videos for tips and uses some of his strategy suggestions.

And yeah, i dont know how to Moze any better than I am doing either. Maybe I just need to bite my lip and go tedior :frowning:

I’ll be working on a guide to solo it with Zane over the weekend but in the mean time I can suggest the following based on the info you have provided.

  • Ditch Breath of the Dying and replace it with a corrosive Dictator. It does more damage against the hounds and armored minions and is better at proc’ing CCC. Just make sure you use its secondary firing mode.
  • Use a Cutsman while keeping your distance. If the boss closes the gap then switch to the Dictator.
  • Don’t be afraid to run away, also known as strategic withdrawal. In other words, if your barrier is not up you shouldn’t be fighting.

I had trouble with Valks personally with my CC build until I switched my shield to stopgap for that fight in particular. Then I also stacked ASE stuff for that fight (switched my com and my stopgap has it) just in case I lose my barrier. My strategy is to kill the annoying adds but leave dogs and maybe a badass soldier for CCC procs. I alternate between shooting the bosses with my corrosive cutsman and then proccing CCC on the adds with Dictator or Maggie. Since I changed to this strategy I can now solo them every time, and when I say I was having trouble before, I mean I failed a ton of times.


Hey man whatever works not ur fault that that is in the game. You can also wait for gbx to scale it to the number of players at the end of the month if its too much trouble no shame in that.

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For moze, she needs to much momentum to keep up with the damage output needed, highest damage i get is with a maggie and thats only doing 15k crits, whereas fl4k gets 29k before any boosts with the build ive got on him (40k with only 18 + 45% on com)

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You already seem to be building around eachother, so that’s great.

With Valks I’m not sure if you really wanna run a Recursion. There might be something you can run that’s more active? Also. Remember the Fungus Among Us Grenade? I’m wondering if you could maybe get a really splashy and fast Corrosive gun, or Cryo, and try to spam a Corrosive grenade like the Fungus. I wouldn’t suggest a Flesh Melter because a lot of Moze skills add fire damage and if that’s the killing tick, you might not get it.

To second the BotD comments, your partners BotD is great for Corrosive mobs, or just mobs in general, but due to the movement of the Valks, she’s not gonna get the full mileage out of it, which is my same criticism of the Recursion. It’s also been discovered that part of the Recursion getting really up there is bonus elements from ASE anointments adding projectiles to the ricochet. So, again. You want something with more mileage.

Maybe get a Corrosive Hive for Zane’s clone? Idk if that’s gonna help much, but it’s worth a try?

What Hard Points do you have Tacked On to Bear?

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I second the idea of a hive on clone. I run a radiation Zane and it’s an important part of my build, constant AOE damage over a large area and clones don’t use ammo. Depending how quick the Zane can move, might be an idea to race him into the middle lowered platform and drop a clone with hive to do damage while y’all pick off at a distance. Combine that with a good grenade that your clone can throw, and can cause mass damage to the area.

Moze is the only character I done have maxed yet so can’t help on that part

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So you’re saying I need to use Fl4k for the Valk, then swap back to Moze? :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe a cutsman? I’ve also got a cloning ghast call. I could swap to that when it gets close to that crazy moment. When you crit with it, they spawn quite a few of them.

I’ve also considered dropping bottomless mags and doing a non-1 hit SoR build. Seems like there’s more survivability and possibly more dps options if i can keep my KillSkills up

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Thanks! I’ll suggest that. She normally pulls out brainstormer for clone I think. I thought it also crits and helped freeze groups of enemies? I dunno as much about Zane’s stuff, and cant ever really get him right when i’m playing him.

yeah - i feel that. Just…it feels like we could do it with the right setup. I’ve watched enough solo videos to believe that.

/ pours a wine /
Here’s to hoping that future updates dont require groups of 4 for new content
/\ Clinks glass /\

Dammit yall all want me to farm this thing. I didnt want to but…fine…i’ma do it tonight, but i’m doing it with a beer and pizza…and uh…vodka and chicken wings… That’ll make me feel better

A corrosive linage might do it, i was only using him for damage comparison; ive been trying best i can to bring her up, aside from tossing jackhammers (19k per bounce! Mindsweeper nades of this is massive) I have no ideas for you

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I don’t know if Cutsman does Splash that procs MoD, because I don’t use them much. You’re not on pc, are you? :confused:

The Ghast Call should be wonderful! I think it gets stronger if you have terror, but I can’t remember.

I’ve never seen the Brainstormer get crits on the arcs from Zane :frowning: definitely not a great clone gun for a boss.

Brainstormer CAN do good Trick of the Light cryo damage if your friend is firing it.

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Dictator really is very good for CCC procs it’s well worth the effort to get it. I can freeze things with it from both a distance and up close it pretty much never fails me.


i actually thought about a mindsweeper. the cloning tracker means that every grenade has a chance to make another grenade. GREAT for proving grounds and SS, not so for this.

If you want to go for crits for the freeze, hive won’t hit them. I find the pure area the Hive covers worth it though. Maybe a really strong sniper to keep crits then? Keep in mind things like annointments and tediore reload functions don’t kick in for the clones weapon though so just look at its primary function. This is also a really good thread when considering what weapon to pop on the clone

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Brain Freeze and Shield Stripping: Kill O The Wisp shotgun.

recursion has the biggest D in town for both valkirie and wotan fights as well as bridge sequence me and @Prismatic managed to low effort kill these bosses many times now

Not real familiar with Moze but with my Zane I use a corrosive cutsman alongside my Maggie, don’t have a corrosive dictator but I know it would work well as my rad one wrecks. And areas like the valkerie fight and the bridge u can freeze with tons of crits from distance in bipod mode. And if enemies are frozen even if just a few seconds it gonna cut back on damage incoming for a bit…


[quote=“Felixthecoach, post:10, topic:4213644”]
I’ve also got a cloning ghast call. I could swap to that when it gets close to that crazy moment. When you crit with it, they spawn quite a few of them.[/quote]

I duo with my brother a lot and he uses a Bottomless Mags/Vampyr build. The cloning ghast call is really good in the last part of the fight…we actually call it ghost town time :ghost: :ghost: :ghost:

I can ask him about the rest of his load out the next time I see him, I think he has some uncommon choices there.

I play Fl4K so I don’t have any insight for your buddy unfortunately. Good luck to both of you!

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